Flats River Skiff 14


The Flats River Skiff 14 is the perfect 2 person shallow water microskiff.  This boat is ideal for a first time boat builder with basic carpentry experience.  With its simple stitch and glue construction and easy to follow how to videos, you will be using the boat in no time!

Boat Plans include full size templates to cut all parts and prints detailing assembly of the boat.

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Microskiff Boat Plans

These stitch and glue boat plans are for a microskiff, also known as a 2 person flats skiff.  The boat plans include full size templates of each part for you to trace on plywood and cut out yourself.  They also include detailed assembly drawings.

The Flats River Skiff 14 is a two person shallow water fishing skiff.  Its shallow draft and light weight means this microskiff can access areas other boats cannot.   Its open deck will accommodate a grab rail and cooler, while a spacious front deck is perfect for storing your gear and mounting a trolling motor.

  • Ideal for a first time boat builder
  • Build time is approximately 75 hours
  • Built cost is $1200 – $1500 (with plans)
  • Plans include full size patterns for tracing (easily cut with a jig saw)

Flats River Skiff -14 Specs:

  • 13’8″ LOA
  • 4’2″ beam
  • 5″ draft fully loaded
  • ~150lbs (will vary by builder)
  • Capacity 500lbs (2 people and gear)
  • 15hp max (15″ shaft)
  • 20-25mph with 15hp, 15-20mph with 10hp

What are stitch and glue boat plans?


Stitch and glue boat plans are great for amateur boat builders!

Stitch and glue boat building uses marine grade plywood that is stitched together with zipties and glued with epoxy resin.  The first step is to trace the full size patterns onto marine grade plywood and cut them out.  Then you will hold everything in place with zipties so you can install the simple frame.   After that, apply thickened epoxy to glue everything together.  All wood is sealed with epoxy resin and some areas are covered with fiberglass for additional strength.  Finally, roll on some paint and enjoy the ride!

Watch this video about stitch and glue boat building for more details and explanation.

Flats River Skiff -14 Materials List:

  • 6 sheets – 4′ x 8′ x 1/4″ Okume or Meranti marine grade plywood
  • 70 linear feet –  1/2″ x 1″ stock Cypress, Juniper or Fir
  • 75 linear feet – 1″ x 1″ stock Cypress, Juniper, or Fir
  • 3 gallons – Marine Epoxy (add 1 lb of fumed silica for fillets)
  • 18 cu/ft – 2 lb density expanding pour foam, closed cell
  • 12* yards – 10oz cloth 50″ wide (*15 yards if applied to floor)
  • Marine primer & paint (Quantity will vary by manufacturer, application method and number of coats.)
  • Gougeon Brothers on Boat Construction (free PDF download)

More Questions about Boat Building?  Check out our FAQ

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 35.9 × 2.9 × 2.9 in

Boat Plans:
– Full size templates to cut all parts
– Prints detailing assembly of the boat

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