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FRS-12 Solo Skiff Build Part 4


This is the fourth video of the FRS12 how to build a boat series where we build a plywood boat.  We cover installing the frames and longitudinal and transverse stringers, which give the boat its strength.  These plywood boat plans and more are available for purchase, and come with full size patterns.

How to Install Stringers

We installed our front, middle and rear transverse frames.  We glued a piece of 1×1″ cypress to the transverse frames before we installed them which helps keep them straight.  And also when we put the floor down, it gives the screws something to bite into.

For the stringers we have left and right.  They notch in and we also put a 1×1″ piece of cypress on them and they’ll also notch into the front, which we can secure with a screw.

How to Install the Bow Support Brace

We’re going to install our bow support brace.  We put in a piece of wood to serve as a guide.  We have it parallel to our front bulkhead and that will give us something to serve as a guide as we push the bow support in.

First, we want to dry fit the bow support, so we have it screwed together with no glue.  We slide it in, and it will push the sides of the boat out.  We’ll slide it down until we hit the chines.  Then we’ll use a level to make sure we’re vertical and use a screw from the outside.

When we remove the guide board we can secure it with zip ties and glue it in, but for now we know it fits.  If you need to take a little off, you can pull it out, sand a little off and drop it back in.

You Can Build a Boat!

You can build your own boat using our plans and instructional videos documenting exactly how to build a boat!  Check out our plywood boat plans for the FRS-12